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The Law Offices of Chris S. Barnett has three offices to serve your criminal defense needs in Fredericksburg, San Antonio and Eagle Pass. Our firm can represent you in Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Boerne and Llano as well as many other parts of Texas. We strongly believe in providing you with personal attention when you need it most and our firm has the resources you will require for presenting a strong defense on your behalf. When you need the help of a qualified legal counsel to defend you for any criminal charge, we will zealously defend your rights.

Our office offers you a free initial consultation, at which time we will carefully listen to the facts of your case so as to provide you with the legal recommendations that will most benefit you. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible defense for your case. Our legal staff will speak to you in plain English you can understand, so that you know where your case stands every step of the way. You can trust our criminal defense lawyer to have your best interests in mind when preparing your case for trial or negotiation.

Effectively Handling Your Criminal Defense.

When you have been charged or arrested for a crime, this can be one of the most frightening and stressful situations you may ever encounter in your life. You will need to retain a criminal defense lawyer you can trust and rely on to provide you the aggressive and dedicated defense you will need to fight for your rights. Our firm provides you with someone who truly cares about what you are going through and will work hard to investigate and challenge every piece of evidence brought against you by the prosecutors. Our firm focuses on a committed and thorough defense, with the goal of having your charges reduced or dismissed and bringing you the best possible outcome to your criminal charges. Call us today for an effective and dedicated criminal defense lawyer.

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